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How I became a Tilly customer for life

After a nice long afternoon lunch on a particularly hot and sunny day in May, I found myself with a bit of heat stroke. It was either stop drinking on the patio or get myself a hat. The next day I found myself standing amidst dozens of retirees and tourists in Toronto's Harbourfront Centre Tilly store.

After trying on a few hats and having a lot of attention given to me by the helpful sales crew, I decided on purchasing a nice 2008 hemp model.

All in all, a very pleasant buying experience. It wasn't until I got back to my desk and read the following note that I knew I was going to tell everyone I knew about how great my Tilly hat was.

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Suddenly, I had a completely different outlook on this old, stodgy brand. It was cool and, honestly, a bit daring. 

You see, every Tilly hat comes with a lifetime guarantee against theft, destruction or even misplacement.The collateral material to cover said guarantee could easily have been a page and half of legal jargon and doublespeak, but not this. The copy tone is fun and honest. It's even titled "The Straight-Shooter's Statement of Loss of a Tilly Hat" and manages to entertain, inform and most importantly, cement the Tilly brand in the customer's head forever.

An added bonus is that the statement comes with the instruction to put the card in the left side of your bottom dresser drawer. That way when you call to get your replacement hat they can remind you where you put your warranty card. Smart.

This one sheet of paper has ensured that I will be a Tilly customer for life and is a great example of how one little thing can take a good product and make it great.

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