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Bethesda gets no fallout over this surprise

I've been addicted to Fallout 3 for a long time now. I've sunk well over 100 hours wandering its post-apocalyptic wasteland. I've eagerly anticipated, purchased and played through each of its five expansions as well.

So you can imagine how happy I was when I found this email show up in my inbox the other day:

click to embiggenBy giving away a few bytes of data free to people who have supported their product from the ground up, Bathesda Softworks continues to support its community of users. Since this bonus comes at the end of the game's expansions (when people are finally ready to shelve the game) it acts as a reminder that the company not only makes fantastic games but also really appreciates the people that play them.

On top of it all, its a pretty sweet theme, as seen below:

click to embiggen

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