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Apple even does remotes better

A few weeks ago I got a secondhand Apple TV from a friend. It was cheap and pretty and we needed something to play all the kids shows we'd bought from iTunes for our little girl. However, unlike every other Apple product, the UI just never seemed to gel the way it seemed it should. 

That's changed with Version 3.0 of the software. And with it comes a fantastic extension to the device in the form of an iPhone Remote app. The sluggish and monotonous performance that the packed in remote gave is replaced by a familiar gesture based input through the iPhone.

Now zipping through movies and shows and searching YouTube videos with the onscreen keyboard is a treat instead of a chore. I find myself surfing online videos and podcasts the way I used to surf channels at night. 

And on top of everything else, I can even control my different iTunes libraries throughout the house from it. Even though my wife doesn't seem to appreciate it when I blast "Dancing Queen" through her speakers while she's working out.

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