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Cabbage patch adoption

One of my first and favourite unexpected bonuses to come attached to a product was my Cabbage Patch Kid adoption papers.

Xavier Roberts didn't create a doll, he created a complete experience. Other toys and products are simply unboxed. Removing a Cabbage Patch Kid from its packaging was much more, it was opening the door to you home and welcoming a new person into your family.

The adoption papers that come with every doll say it best. You get to name your chubby cheeked friend and send it away to be notorized. You are literally making them a part of your family.

Soon after, a personalized birth and adoption certificate was mailed to you, signed by Xavier himself. I cherished little Simon Abraham Gaede's papers as much as I did his cheeky little smile.

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Instead of abandoning the customer at the checkout, Cabbage Patch Kids fostered a relationship with the consumer that only strengthened their brand. During the heyday of Cabbage Patch Kids people would litterally fight in the aisles to get one for their child, a position that would have made a lesser company rest on their laurels. But the inherent integrity of the company and product shone through in these little details, begging the question: would the product have been such a success had the details not been there in the first place?


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