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Crazy like a 30th Century Fox

When Futurama first aired in 1999 I fell instantly in love with it. This was the show made for me. Geek humour mixed with the antics of The Simpsons.

It was as though everyone involved with the show felt the same as me. It seemed more a labour of love for the writers and producers rather than a job. You could see all of their childhood dreams and memories spilling into each and every frame. All the jokes that they whispered to their nerdy friends were there for all to enjoy. The same jokes that would have gotten them beat up in public school.

And it never let up, even past the credits. The little thing that proved to me how deeply everyone cared about the show played in the last two seconds of the episode. They had literally changed the iconic 20th Century Fox Television end slate to a 30th Century Fox Television end slate to reflect the time period the show was set in.

I have tried, and failed to change even minor trademarks to reflect creative concepts in the past with clients. I can't imagine how drunk they must have gotten the Fox lawyers to convince them that this was a good idea.

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