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Helio rewards anal retentive readers

As social networking started becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives, Virgin capitalized on the moment for a piece promoting it's Helio phone.

A cheeky look at the new socialization norms, the piece takes an pseudo-scientific look at ways in which we communicate across a variety of digital devices.

The piece is filled with fun and engaging charts, infographics and copy. My favourite touch is revealed at the very end of the piece, in the legal type as a matter of fact:

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I always like it when a piece rewards the reader for doing something unexpected. And what's more unexpected than someone actually reading the fine print on something.

This little trick accomplishes something pretty remarkable. It practically guarantees a positive feeling towards the piece, and by extension the brand that it's wrapped in. It speaks to the consumer on a more personal level, rather than feeling like the piece up to that point was smoke and mirrors for just another corporation. By playing with the language in the fine print, Helio instills a certain amount of trust and respect from a few simple words that they might not have gotten otherwise.

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