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Giant Bomb is anything but

The fellas over at are an irreverent group of video game reviewers, and their site reflects that in spades. Giant Bomb is peppered with fun and interesting choices of imagery from their visual representations of their news entries to their version of the Twitter Fail Whale: Luchadeer.

The site bases its reviews on a five star rating system. A nice design choice was made to create cartoon versions of each of the reviewers to go along with their individual reviews. A nicer design choice was to go the extra mile and create a unique pose for each reviewer's star rating. 

These characatures actually help the user connect on an emotional level with the reviewer. Instead of a nebulous star representation, the facial expressions on the illustrations help convey the level of emotional excitement the game generated in the reviewer. Since body language is a key player in face to face communications, these simple drawings help elevate a review from a story on a screen to something more akin to a one way conversation, and is thus more effective.

Plus, they're damn cute as seen in a lineup of Jeff Gerstmann's reviews:

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