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Twitter's Fail Whale eases the pain

In July 2007, Yiying Lu, a designer from Sydney, Australia uploaded one of her illustrations to the stock photo site iStockphoto for distribution. Little did she know that a year later it would make her famous.

The illustration was of a whale being carried through the air by eight tiny birds and caught the attention of Twitter founder Biz Stone

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Twitter had been experiencing service problems, and they wanted an friendly image that worked with their brand to help ease the pain of outages. Instead of a simple "service unavailable" message, they chose the whale image because it suggested a team effort to fix a problem, and also made people smile.

The Fail Whale has since become a phenomenon in itself, sparking merchandising, blogs and fan art. All of which reinforce a positive feeling toward the Twitter brand and provides them with what amounts to free advertising for the product. 

Plus, it's super cute.

Header image courtesy of: Rosaura Ochoa

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