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Starbucks helps reduce dry cleaning bills (Updated)

This is a bit of a controversial one. I'm not usually for what amounts to blatant plastic waste. However, the plastic stopper that Starbucks has started supplying really is a nice little touch for those customers it's aimed at benefiting.

See, I'm a fast walker…a really fast walker. And on those cold, blustery days down by the lake I practically have to sprint back to my desk after a visit to my local Starbucks. The stopper, with the cutely embossed mermaid on the top means that my hands and coat don't end up Latte soaked on the way. They're great for when you're getting multiple beverages for people and even better when you're driving.

A friend of mine came into the office one day bursting to hail the virtues of this tiny device. He was so happy that he no longer had to worry about his car getting doused in a tall Extra Bold on the way to work in the morning.

To try and suppress my environmental guilt I always recycle these and hope that they are actually composed of the type of plastic that can be recycled. If I find out otherwise I may have to start carrying one around in my pocket and hope that I don't accidentally puncture myself with it one day.

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