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The Devil's in the details

The other day I received an Iron Maiden virtual request from a friend on Facebook. At first glance, it seemed like it was just another useless Facebook widget. But something about it made an immediate impression on me.

The "Accept" button had been replaced with "666" moniker. Now, how do you say no to something like that? The only thing that could have made me accept this request quicker would have been if the "Ignore" button had read "Run to the Hills".


And because I've always wanted and excuse to post this photo, here's a picture of myself, my friend and Bruce Dickenson in the cockpit of Flight 666 on a runway in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006. It still seems insane to type that. Please excuse the haircut, my hairdresser and I had a minor misunderstanding the week before.

Thanks to my friend Kim to whom I'm forever grateful for letting me join her on such a crazy weekend. And for never giving up on her goal of winning a trip somewhere, no matter where it was, or what it was for.

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