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Honda goes the extra mile with Vimeo

Honda has done a very interesting page takeover and the video sharing website for its new Hybrid vehicle. The campaign for the new Honda Insight, "Let it Shine", uses hundreds of actual vehicles at night to create moving images via the car's headlights.

What sets this takeover apart are the details. 

The sight literally goes black and the cars appear where the video player begins, but doesn't stop there. Around the 20 second mark dawn starts to break and the page begins to reveal itself again.

The beautiful little touch is that the background mountains on the site an extension of the actual video player. After the sun begins to peak over those mountains a lens flare erupts from the Honda Insight logo, drawing your eye back to the product and reinforcing the brand.

Since the spot is an technical marvel, they also include a making-of video that manages to entertain, introduce product features and reinforce Honda's environmental brand appeal.

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