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Time doesn't have to be an exact measurement

I gave up wearing my wrist watch full time a couple of years ago. Let's face it, there's always a clock within 20 paces these days. Apart from the watch being an unnecessary piece of personal equipment, I started feeling a bit anxious about the whole concept of feeling trapped by time.

Of course all this leads to having to ask for the time from someone else periodically. It always makes giggle to myself when you get an exact time reading like "It's four fifty-eight". Why wouldn't you say "Almost five", or "Five to five" like most human beings?

Take that to the next level and why aren't the machines we build speaking in that same language. Enter FuzzyClock;a simple application that replaces your Mac's clock with an english language approximation of the time.

For some reason it just takes all the anxiety out of clock watching and actually makes it a little bit enjoyable at the same time. Of course you can click on the time or hover over it to reveal the exact time at any moment.

And best of all, it's free. Free time! Get it? Sorry.

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