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Tweetie knows how to communicate

Tweetie is a fantastic Twitter client for the Mac. It has a slick design with a lot of little thoughtful elements built into it. All of these things combine to make Tweetie a compelling application to purchase and once you've done so you're sent a license key in an email. This is where it gets fun.

The email outlines the user license in layman's terms instead of legal jargon that a user would normally skip. Not only is this more relatable to the end user, but the writing is fun and humourous. It helps reinforce the value of the product and helps reduce any buyer's remorse one might have.

The P.S. cross-sell message at the end of the email is quickly followed by a P.P.S. thank you that reminds the user that this product is created by real people and not some faceless corporation.

I encourage anyone with a Mac and a Twitter account to check this application out. Download Tweetie now

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