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Bloody good cameo

Lately, I've gotten engrossed in watching True Blood. Sure, I thought my vampire groupie days were over, but this one managed to suck me in (no pun intended).

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a True Blood video podcast on iTunes. There were the usual interviews with the creators and character background pieces but one thing really caught my interest.

The producers created five mini episodes of The Perspective; a sort of one woman version of The View set in the True Blood universe. Each episode is a weekly report on vampire news. I chuckled at a story about a Hollywood starlet having a vampire sex tape being leaked to the public.

But one segment shines above the rest. Like any good talk show, there's always a cooking demo. And who should be cooking but Chef Tom Colicchio from Top Chef fame. He explains to the hostess how awkward it is to dine with his vampire friends and have course after course of food while they simply nurse a TruBlood drink the entire evening.

He then goes on to make his own bloody concoction out of lentils and beet juice so everyone can savour their meal at the same time. Brilliant.

I especially enjoy when he, himself, turns beet red from embarrassment at the end of his segment.

And in honour of this clever piece of marketing I've posted this at exactly 9:02 PM: sunset.

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