Based in toronto, ontario, Dan is an award winning creative director
with 20 years of direct and digital experience. He's brought his expertise to brands across all segments And his love of espresso has fueled him through it all.

I wish all surveys ended like this

Every so often the cash register gods at Starbucks randomly choose people to take part in an online survey. They give you the chance to win a nice little Starbucks gift card as a prize if you're selected from those who participate in the program.

One day, the gods favoured me and I decided to take a few minutes to take the survey. What I wasn't expecting was to actually get a free drink order out of it.

At the end of the survey I was told to write a specific code on my original receipt and exchange it for the beverage of my choice. I was content with the chance of winning the prize, so the unexpected free beverage totally made my day.

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A little makeover

Bloody good cameo