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John Fluevog knows shoes

It's no secret that my wife has an unhealthy relationship with Fluevog footwear. But it makes her happy, so I guess it's not that bad. 

She came home with her newest conquest the other day, a pair of what I'm told are adorable, blue sandals. And yes, they're very nice and very stylish but what really caught my attention was the white bag hanging out of the shoebox. 

Click to embiggenEach pair of Fluevog shoes comes with its own travel bag emblazoned with copy that relates the company's philosophy. It starts out with a zen vibe and ends in a cheeky bit of marketing prowess. The inclusion of John Fluevog's signature at the end adds a nice personal touch. 

As my wife will tell you, people who wear Fluevogs are fiercely loyal to the brand and this is just one more reason why that is.

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