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Just say no to parallel parking

I had and unfortunate parking incident recently where I displayed my parking slip incorrectly and got a small fine out of it. My mistake, I admit it. 

The real bummer is that in the past it's never been easy to pay a parking ticket. Thank goodness for the internet.

In a stunning display of a Government website that's actually both user-friendly and functional at the same time, Toronto's Green P Parking site let me pay my ticket in moments. 

But it opened my eyes to a great bit of interaction design on their part. They made the right decision to keep the primary focus of the site on making finding parking in Toronto easy. Something that's a big sticking point when driving downtown.

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A big, green, eye-catching strip adorns the top of the page immediately broadcasting the functionality of the site to the user. It also clearly lets you search by three different criteria: Address, Intersection and Venue.

I especially love the Venue feature. Chances are if I'm looking for a venue and don't know where the parking around it is, I also don't immediately know the address or closest intersection off the top of my head.  

This might seem like a pretty simple site, but it's a great example of keeping your content focused on the needs of your users to actually have them make return visits. 

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