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IKEA gets the lead out

Let's face it, everyone loves getting free stuff. Even simple little trinkets given out at a store have a greater perceived value than they're actually worth. Free bologna at the grocery store or a balloon at a festival, people just gravitate to it.

That's why I love the little kiosks at IKEA that tell you take a shopping guide, tape measure and pencil. They're always conveniently placed within a few seconds of where you are but don't manage to get in your way. 

Not only does this make the experience of shopping for furniture at the store easier and more effective, it makes the customer feel as though they're getting a little extra. How many little brown pencils have you collected after buying Splørgs or a Klünkens? There's not a pen holder in Canada that doesn't have at least one floating around in it.

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My tip is to throw your liberated writing implement in your glove compartment on the way home. That moment will come when you need to jot something down in your car without a pen or pencil in sight. And IKEA can help, no allen keys required.

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