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iLounge helps find Apps right

It's no secret that I'm a slave to the iPhone App Store. I have applications that tell me when things are released, when they're updated and when they're on sale. I listen to podcasts devoted to iPhone apps. I am, and will always be a, an App Junkie. has a nice way of reviewing multiple apps in a single blog post. By using a nice little design trick, they keep me coming back again and again to read their opinions.

Instead of launching into individual reviews and screenshots of each individual app, the page begins with an iPhone screenshot of all of the apps being reviewed. It acts as sort of a visual table of contents.

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This is a great visual cue for the user. It lets them know how much time they'll need to invest in the article and whether or not the should just bookmark it for later.

It also lets the user know what the associated icon for the app is. This might not seem like a big deal, but sometimes I tend to just remember part of an app's name and rely on the visual reminder when I'm doing a search on the App Store.

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