Based in toronto, ontario, Dan is an award winning creative director
with 20 years of direct and digital experience. He's brought his expertise to brands across all segments And his love of espresso has fueled him through it all.

A DM piece with style

If you'd told me that I'd be raving about a co-branded Madmen/Banana Republic DM a month ago I'd have called you a mad man.

But here we are, and this piece is amazing. 

It's wonderfully art directed, showcasing Banana Republic wear put into 50s ensembles and associated with key characters in the series. Everything is designed against a backdrop of vintage desktops and surrounded by objects from the era.

What puts this one over the edge for me is the very last spread. A Rolodex, open to the letter B (a nice touch) sits atop some file folders. Attached to the page and matched to the Rolodex is a detachable card for 25% off at Banana Republic.

A great offer, and a great way to showcase it within the theme of the entire piece.

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Starbucks goes wee

A nice use of language