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Water doesn't have to be boring

vitaminwater is a cheeky brand of vitamin and flavour enriched bottled waters. And quite a tasty one at that; light, refreshing and not too sweet.

They've chosen humour and design to set their waters apart from the competition. Each flavour comes is designed to help in some aspect of life; be it relaxation, defence against the sniffles or slowing the aging process. 

Whether you believe the benefits of the water or not, the story that goes along with each flavour is bound to entertain. Here's a sample from their "defense" product:

If you've had to use sick days because you've actually be sick then you're seriously missing out my fiends. See the trick is to stay healthy and use sick days to um, not go in, and the combination of zinc and fortifying vitamins can help out with that and keep you healthy as a horse, so drink up.

Remember, don't overdo it on the coughing and sniffling (big rookie mistake). Just stick with the ever elusive "24-hour bug." The symptoms are vague and people will actually encourage you to stay home.

And the attitude doesn't stop at the bottle. is full of fun and irreverent humour, book ended by clear nutritional information. 

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