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Great nav in "Aisle 4"

There's a lot of things to like about the new online foodsite apart from their amazing selection of products. And a lot of it has to do with the first thing you see: the site navigation.

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Taking a cue from its real-world counterpart, foodzie uses a grocery store aisle approach, guiding users to the products they're looking for. A sign in a grocery store gives the scent of information, showcasing a few products that a customer can relate to the product that they're looking for. This allows the user to quickly determine where to go based on their needs. It's a concept I've rarely seen executed well online, but works wonderfully here.

The cute icons also help identify categories at a glance. The handmade design quality of the site is reflected in the subtle folded paper effects on the edges of the nav itself. Even the search box is labeled "Find yummy stuff!" to entice the user to search.

Very nice design, very nice attention to detail. 

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