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Netflix has good taste in movie recommendations

When Netflix launched in Canada recently, I was delighted. Finally I wouldn't be lagging behind my American pals in streaming home entertainment. Granted, we are still Hulu-less without spoofing your IP.

It might also be my affinity for filling out surveys that also had me excited to set up my recommended movies list based on what I do, and more importantly, don't like to watch.

Netflix breaks it down so simply for the user that it's nearly zen like. The headings "Never", "Sometimes" and "Often" elegantly cover the gamut of how much you like certain genres. The examples also clear up any misconceptions you might have as well.

click to embiggenNetflix is all about getting your content delivered to you as simply as possible, so it's nice to see that simplicity in action right from the get-go.

Now if only they had movies in Canada that I actually wanted to watch instead of just being a Dora delivery device for my little girl.

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