Based in toronto, ontario, Dan is an award winning creative director
with 20 years of direct and digital experience. He's brought his expertise to brands across all segments And his love of espresso has fueled him through it all.

Krop is number one in my book

I've been using Krop for my online portfolio for a while now. Not only do they offer a quick and easy process for putting your work online, they have a variety of slick prefab designs to choose from. All this is great for us graphic designers who need to get their work up quickly, for any variety of reasons.

And unlike other online portfolio sites, you can pay by the month which is a much more attractive option.

Having just landed a new gig, I decided I should cancel my pro account, but unfortunately had a little trouble finding the option in my preferences. I emailed their support service and within minutes I recieved this back:

click to embiggen

It always makes me feel better about a company (and makes me more likely to recommend them) when I have proof that there are real human beings taking care of things. And their congratulations to me on my new job really put a smile on my face.

Vimeo's login screen screams personality

Finally, a tea you can jog with