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Flipping over the iPad

It's a been a few days since the iPad was introduced. It's already a divisive device, but no matter which side you fall on, you have to admit that the thing has polish.

It's sleek, it's fast, and the UI is instantly recognizable to anyone who's ever laid hands on an iPod Touch or an iPhone. That in itself is a great accomplishment for a new product.

But whenever I think about the iPad itself, I keep replaying one segment of its marketing spot around in my head. And that's the way in which you view and interact with photos.

Taking into account the way in which people will actually move the device to show off their photos to others is very nice. It shows the attention to detail that Apple has put into the use of the tablet and is hopefully just the beginning of some great UI features to come. 

I just hope we never have to see the guy that's demoing the thing ever again. He's creepy.

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