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Heavy Rain transforms paper

Heavy Rain is a new release for the PS3 that is more of an interactive movie than a game. A series of intersecting story lines reveal a pretty complex murder mystery. The "Origami Killer" leaves, as suspected, a piece of origami at every crime scene.

So I was thrilled when I went to install the game and it directed me to pull out a sheet of paper from the case and follow the onscreen instructions.

In a matter of minutes (ok, a lot longer than it should have taken...I stink at origami) this little guy appeared:

click to embiggenThe great because it's a good old fashioned piece of misdirection. You see, the PS3 requires an install of the game which takes about 10 minutes. Manual installs are a constant bone of contention within the gaming community. But by giving you something to do during the install process, you don't notice the time.

It also takes a major game element and puts it into a physical context. With a game bent on hyper-realism this is a great way pull you into the game before hitting a single button combination.

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