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Disney paints a pretty picture

Paint swatches: I just love them. Maybe it's the art director in me, but there's something to mulling about, randomly pulling out the colour scales and wondering which ones would look best in your living room.

Thanks to Disney, they've instilled that same feeling in my toddler. And in such a simple way: every colour they offer in their Disney collection of paints comes on a Mickey Mouse shaped swatch.

click to embiggenThe iconic shape instantly reinforces the brand and names like "Princess Purple" and "Space Hero Blue" only make them more adorable. And they stick around. My daughter plays with them long after we bring them home, sorting them out into little piles or just sitting and looking at them. And we grab more of them each time we visit the Home Depot.

When the day comes that she gets to paint her room, I'm pretty sure I know where she'll want to start looking. All because of two little circles attached to one big one.

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