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Twelve South's BookArc is a wonderful package

The BookArc Desktop Stand is a beautiful (albeit pricey) way to declutter your workspace if you're running an external monitor off your MacBook. The high-quality craftsmanship and minimalist design perfectly compliment Apple's hardware, but it's the packaging that kept me from having buyer's remorse once I got it home.

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The box is beautiful; a hardy, well constructed brown piece of cardboard that comes apart in two pieces. I was immediately drawn to the shear heft of the thing and was delighted when I came across the second part of the equation. Almost an entire page of the four page instruction booklet is dedicated to ways to re-purpose the box.

The dozen examples include planting wheat grass in it and turning it into kindling for a romantic fire (the box, not the wheat grass). My three year old had her own ideas and it now acts as a makeshift hostel for the smallest of her loose toys.

The company even keeps blog entries on unique re-uses for the box. 

Thanks to Andrew Lyle for the wonderful photos that I forgot to take when I was doing my own unboxing.

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