A little philosophy.

What makes one product better than another? Care and attention to detail are a good start, but what elevates a simple product into an experience is personality.

Little touches can make all the difference: elevating a good experience to a great one. Successful brands like Apple, Volkswagen and Nintendo inject personality into their products and gain brand loyalty in doing so.

Ask a Volkswagen Jetta owner to show you their favourite part of their car and more often than not they'll skip what's under the hood, put the key in the lock, turn it to the left and watch all the windows automatically roll down.

The person who first decided to cover the tables in a family restaurant with craft paper and hand out crayons to kids understands how simple things bring in customers.

This site serves as a gallery of these things, be they simple product features, UI enhancements or just a helpful sales person along the way. Hopefully I can help prove that little things really do go a long way